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Description: The COVID19 national crisis has created conditions in our educational system that no one could have planned for or predicted. Parents are managing their own work from home arrangements, maintaining work schedules out of the home and supporting their own children’s learning while they are out of school. Teachers and school district administrators are all working hard to support children and families during this crisis. In addition, with Govenor Northam's announcement of a phased reopening...
Description: Foundations of Coaching in Early Childhood: Partnering with Parents and Professionals is a video training resource for early childhood coaches, based on the 5 key characteristics of coaching as outlined by Dathan Rush and M'Lisa Shelden. These characteristics can be applied to a number of early childhood settings. Chapters include: Chapter 1: What is Coaching? Chapter 2: Joint Planning Chapter 3: Observation Chapter 4: Action/Practice Chapter 5: Reflection Chapter 6: Feedback Chapter 7: The...
Date(s): 7/17/2020 9:00 AM, 7/20/2020 9:00 AM, 8/13/2020 9:00 AM
Description: *This series of "Coaching Conversations" is for participants that have already viewed "Tele…Teach? How Early Childhood Special Educators Can Promote Learning from a Distance (Recorded, T-TAC ODU, Tele-Intervention)"    Audience: Early Childhood Special Education Teachers, Paraprofessionals, and Administrators Many educators of young children with disabilities have asked, "How do I teach a 2 or 3-year-old virtually?”  Replicating classroom activities and materials...
Description: Many educators of young children with disabilities have asked, "How do I teach a 2 or 3-year-old virtually?”  Replicating classroom activities and materials for use in the home is not always feasible or functional. Instead, educators can shift to supporting new learners, the parents and family members of the child. This webinar will explore how educators can utilize a coaching interaction style to help families use daily routines and activities as learning opportunities. Join...
Description: Recorded webinar from the National Center for Pyramid Model Innovations:  Distance coaching has been an option to address challenges in finding time and opportunities to meet. These challenges are especially evident in family childcare and rural settings. Due to our country’s recent events, many coaches are finding ways to do their coaching from a distance. We discuss distance coaching as one way to address this issue. We also discuss the successes and challenges of distance coaching...
Description: This website from Indiana University's Early Childhood Center, provides resources related to tele-intervention for providers. One highlighted resource is the tip sheet for mobile coaching for providers on using the SS-OO-PP-RR (Setting the Stage, Observation and Opportunity to Embed, Problem-Solving and Planning, Reflection and Review). There is also a resource on what to say to families when initiating tele-intervention. Resources are updated on this website regularly.
Description: The Ohio Association of County Boards of DD, a grantee of the Ohio DD Council, has produced in partnership with families and practitioners in Ohio, a video series about the use of technology with evidence based early intervention. These eight videos illustrate how video, video conferencing, and related technologies can improve access to, and the quality of, supports for families as well as better enable teams to practice evidence-based early intervention services. The videos cover the following...
Description: Created by the Virginia Early Intevention Professional Development Center (VEIPD), this YouTube channel features reflections from early interventionists in Virginia who share their experiences including successes and challenges regarding tele-intervention. New videos are posted each week.
Description: In response to the new professional challenges facing providers during the Covid-19 pandemic, the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) has developed a series of recorded web chats to address the specific needs of those who operate or work in early intervention programs. In a series of discussions in a Question & Answer format with early intervention providers, topics related to distance service delivery are addressed, including topics of billing, coaching, assessments, and...
Description: Created by the Family, Infant, and Preschool Program, this website contains a variety of resources, including a video and infographics. The video shows how you can use tele-intervention during this time of social distancing and includes an overview of system requirements, how to plan a visit, the three parts of a virtual visit, and what conducting an tele-intervention visit looks like in action. The inforgraphics cover topics including Early Childhood Intervention Practices, Teaming...
Description: Below are links to articles related to tele-intervention. They are meant to complement the other featured resources within Tele-Intervention.
Description: The Early Childhood Technical Assitance Center (ECTA) provides the latest information on funding and guidance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Included on the ECTA Covid-19 site are two highlighted topics: Disaster Planning and Trauma Response Remote Service Delivery and Distance Learning Provider and Educator Use of Technology (Includes Remote Service Delivery and Distance Learning Videos for Preschoolers)
Date(s): 7/15/2020 12:00 PM - 7/15/2020 1:00 PM
Description: Presented by: Holly Nester and Shelley Jewell Buy-in and knowledge of the facilitator is just as important as engagement of the student for a successful virtual therapy session. Whether it is a parent, other family member, child care provider, etc., these individuals are instrumental in assisting the therapist during sessions. During this hour, we will discuss coaching strategies to support the facilitator and help them feel empowered to assist the student achieve therapy goals.
Date(s): 7/22/2020 12:00 PM - 7/22/2020 1:00 PM
Description: Presented by: Holly Nester and Shelley Jewell This lunch hour discussion will be full of interactive ideas that will hold student's attention in order to increase engagement and participation. We will highlight the favorite activities from SLPs, OTs, and PTs currently providing virtual therapies and invite participants to share their own favorite ideas as well. Let's pack our virtual toolkit full of new ideas!  
Description: The essential practices in early intervention for children birth to five years can happen through actual conversation, even conversations that are held virtually. In this webinar, Robin McWilliam, Ph.D. and Cami Stevenson discuss how we can find out who’s in the family’s ecology, what the child and family needs are, develop participation-based child goals and family goals, construct a routines-by-goals matrix, and provide support-based visits—all done remotely.
Description: This two-part webinar series from the VA Department of Education provides an overview of using tele-intervention during this time of social distancing to support young children with disabilities and their families. Many teachers are now supporting families through tele-intervention (or what may also be called telepractice or telehealth) by providing coaching to parents using technology.  This is an approach that many teachers have not experienced before and may require tips and...