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Date(s): 11/6/2017
Description: VCU Autism Center for Excellence (ACE) offers this course designed to provide paraprofessionals with skills and knowledge needed to support students with an ASD in the school setting. The course will provide an overview of the potential roles and responsibilities the paraprofessional may be asked to deliver. Participants will learn how to carry out their responsibilities while maintaining respect for the students and exhibiting sensitivity to beliefs, values, and cultures.*This course fulfills...
Date(s): 1/8/2018
Description: VCU Autism Center for Excellence offers this course to provide participants with an understanding of the primary characteristics of ASD, which include impairments in communication and social development and the presence of repetitive patterns of behavior as well as sensory processing issues. Secondary characteristics, including executive dysfunction, imitation, sequencing, and motor deficits as well as common co-morbid conditions will also be explored. The course will discuss the myths and facts...