Early Childhood Education Leaders Communities of Learning for Inclusive Programs
The Communities of Learning (CoL) will deliver targeted technical assistance and professional development to leaders in early childhood education programs. The online CoL will focus on building and maintaining high-quality early childhood inclusive programs.


Virginia Guidelines for Early Childhood Inclusion April 2018

This guidance document is designed to assist Virginia’s school divisions and early childhood communities in identifying, developing, and sustaining inclusive opportunities within high-quality early childhood programs for children with disabilities.

Board of Education Approved Guidelines for the Prevention of Suspension and Expulsion of Young Children: Supporting Children with Challenging Behaviors in Early Childhood Settings (Virginia Department of Education)

The primary purpose of the Guidelines is to provide guidance regarding policies and best practice in implementing developmentally appropriate experiences for children in early care and education programs (0-5 years) that can prevent suspension and expulsion. Recommended research-based practices promote collaboration between family and professionals and focus on effective classroom management and social-emotional skill development to support young children's healthy development. Recommendations are for teachers and administrators supporting children in early care and education programs.


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