This page provides resources to help administrators understanding funding opportunities and strategies to enhance inclusion in early childhood settings.
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Description: Many collaborative strategies, sample interagency agreements, planning tools, and funding sources exist to assist states and communities in providing inclusive preschool special education services. Included within the Preschool Inclusion Finance Toolkit 2018 are the following: Early Childhood Programs Comparison Worksheet Determining Costs Inclusive Worksheet Braiding Funds: How Districts Can Create Inclusive Placement Opportunities for Young Children with Disabilities
Description: A new technical assistance report, Braiding, Blending, and Layering Funding Sources to Increase Access to Quality Preschool (2017), discusses a number of strategies for braiding, blending or layering various funding sources to provide comprehensive, inclusive early learning programs for young children and their families. It includes interviews with local school district, Head Start, and child care administrators discussing how they are making it work in their programs.