Two-Part Webinar Series: Supporting Young Children with Disabilities and their Families through Tele-Intervention


Jackie Kilkeary


This two-part webinar series from the VA Department of Education provides an overview of using tele-intervention during this time of social distancing to support young children with disabilities and their families. Many teachers are now supporting families through tele-intervention (or what may also be called telepractice or telehealth) by providing coaching to parents using technology.  This is an approach that many teachers have not experienced before and may require tips and strategies as they use new technology, but more importantly, support families by listening; helping them establish a sense of safety, security, and normalcy; and addressing their needs through resources, strategies, and coaching.

The webinars are for administrators, teachers, and related services personnel. The first webinar provides a brief overview of system requirements, how to plan a tele-intervention visit, and the parts of a virtual visit.  The second webinar focuses on providing a tele-intervention visit and strategies to coach parents and provide support.