Online Module: The Decision Tree, Indicator 7; Outcome 2: Children Acquire and Use Knowledge and Skills.


Jackie Kilkeary


Estimated time to complete: 100 minutes

The purpose of this module is to provide participants the opportunity to practice providing COS ratings.  The module can be completed by an individual or by a group of individuals who will be completing COS ratings.  Participants should complete the COS module prior to completing this module. This online module will briefly review Indicator 7, Outcome 2 regarding children acquiring and using knowledge and skills, and its related Decision Tree. it will also provide five practice scenarios to help the participant become adept at the COS process and providing ratings. While time in the module is tracked, there is not a time restriction and the user may pause and return as necessary. To access any documents related to Indicator 7 and the Child Outcomes Summary Process, please visit the Indicator 7 Resources page.

This module was made in collaboration with Donna Miller, Early Intervention Technical Assistance, Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network.


Early Childhood Preschool