Kimochis: Social and Emotional Learning & Virginia SLP Kimochis Mini-Tool Kit for Social Emotional Learning Training


The Kimochis Back-To-School tutorial will allow your students to be ready to learn, no matter where or how they are doing school. Move forward with confidence using Kimochis in person or remotely to address feelings and behaviors. Give kids practice with the basic Kimochis messages and tools to make school better for everyone. The Kimochis message is “All Feelings Are Okay. All Behaviors Are Not."

The tutorial covers a simple plan to deal with emotions that can interrupt learning:

  • Name It - Say or show the feeling word
  • Shrink It - Reduce the size of the feeling with a calm-down breath
  • Redo it - Redo hurtful moments
  • Share it - Go to a trusted adult for help

Virginia SLP Kimochis Mini-Tool Kit for Social Emotional Learning Training

The Virginia Department of Education is offering a second round of online training to SLPs focusing on an evidenced-based social-emotional learning tool called Kimochis. Participating SLP’s will learn how to help students with special needs better understand and manage the new norms and expectations that will come with a very different school experience and will be sent a Kimochis toolkit so they are equipped to bring these “must-have” communication tools to students with special needs to ensure emotional resilience and wellbeing.

SLPs must apply and be selected to participate in this free, professional development series. The application process includes: 1) watching the Feelings Fuel Behavior - Helping kids return to school in a new normal by creating emotional understanding and resiliency video and then 2) completing an online quiz and application.

Those who complete the online application must agree to watch two additional training videos and attend a live Question and Answer session with Kimochis trainers. The two on-demand training sessions will address:

  • “You Can be Mad but You Can’t be Mean.” Helping students manage anger and other hard-to-have feelings that come with returning to school
  • The Kimochis Five Keys to Communication: The PBIS Toolbox to help students manage the BIG feelings that lead to challenging behavior

To apply, please signup to watch the first video and complete the survey at the end of the video.


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