Tele-Intervention Video Series: Use of Technology with Evidence Based Early Intervention


The Ohio Association of County Boards of DD, a grantee of the Ohio DD Council, has produced in partnership with families and practitioners in Ohio, a video series about the use of technology with evidence based early intervention. These eight videos illustrate how video, video conferencing, and related technologies can improve access to, and the quality of, supports for families as well as better enable teams to practice evidence-based early intervention services. The videos cover the following topics. It is recommended that you watch the videos in this order:

  1. An Overview of Using Technology to Support Families in Early Intervention
  2. Using Video to Enhance Play, Communication, and Relationships
  3. Using Instant Messaging and Video for Just-In-Time Support
  4. Using Video and Video Conferencing to Enable Team Meetings over Distances
  5. Using Facetime to Enhance Team Collaboration
  6. A Virtual Home Visit with Liam's Family
  7. A Virtual Co-Visit with Straton's Family
  8. Using Video as a Foundation for Reflective Supervision