Providing Professional Development on the COS Process: ECTA Training and Technical Assistance Resource, COS Training Resources, Outcome Measurement Training Activities (Indicator 7)


In addition to the Virginia resources, the ECTA website provides many resources to help with delivery of professional development on the COS process.

A Guide to the COS Process Training and Technical Assistance Resource - This document provides an overview of many of the resources available on the ECTA Outcomes webpage that can support local, regional or state training and technical assistance on child outcomes.

COS Training Resources - The ECTA website provides materials to deliver live training and technical assistance. Preparation resources, including a sample agenda, Power Point presentations, handouts, materials and activities are provided. 

Outcomes Measurement Professional Development Training Activities - ECTA has provided interactive professional development materials. The materials provide a sample completed COS and provides opportunities to go through the steps of completing the COS process.