Supporting Quality Inclusion (Natural Resources Newsletter, April 2021)


Natural Resources is a free, one-way listserv that is distributed monthly. Each issue features high quality, readily available, and free resources on a specific topic related to children from birth through Grade 3, their families, and the professionals who serve and support them. This edition, April 2021, contains several new resources that offer new views on and resources for supporting quality inclusion for young children with or at risk of disabilities. This month's topics include:

  • Content Nuggets Explore Key Ideas About Inclusion: Each “nugget” includes bite-size videos with embedded resources and activities to help understand, promote, and advocate for inclusion for children birth to age 5.
  • Advocate’s Guide to Transforming Special Education: Creating Schools Where All Students Can Thrive: The goal of this guide is to help parents and advocates understand what educational opportunity truly looks like for students with disabilities.
  • Three New Videos in the Why Inclusion Series: The STEMIE Center recently released three videos on why inclusion is important.
    • Part 1: Let’s Change Attitudes and Beliefs shares what research tells us about high-quality inclusion. Part 2: Key Characteristics of High Quality Inclusive Education focuses on the features that are essential for quality inclusion
    • Part 3: Social Outcomes in Inclusion highlights results that go beyond academic achievement to share what it takes to be fully included in life.
  • Why Focus on Quality Inclusion as Part of Statewide Pyramid Model Implementation? This white paper provides information on the importance of inclusion and how the Pyramid Model might be used in statewide initiatives to increase the use of inclusive practices.
  • A GUMDROP About Inclusion: Maybe you can use this gumdrop to support understanding for more opportunities for inclusion in all aspects of our everyday lives. It’s called Ticket Without a Seat.

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