Using the Inclusive Classroom Profile with Proficiency - Spring 2017


The Inclusive Classroom Profile (ICP), authored by Dr. Elena Soukakou, is a structured observation rating scale designed to assess the quality of classroom practices that support the developmental needs of children 2½ - 5 years of age with disabilities in early childhood settings. Ratings on the ICP items indicate the extent to which program staff intentionally adapt the classroom’s environment, activities, and instructional support in ways that encourage children’s active participation in the group, through adjustments that might differ from child to child. Read more about the ICP here.  

ICP Training Program (Soukakou, 2016)

Day 1 -ICP Overview Session: A 3-hour overview session that provides basic information on how to administer and score the ICP. The overview session is open to individuals interested in learning basic information on the ICP and it is required for individuals completing the reliability training.

Days 2-5 -ICP Reliability Training: Reliability training resulting in ICP reliability proficiency. Reliability training will involve: 1) 4 classroom observation visits for each participant that will take place over four days in a pre-k inclusive classrooms with an ICP certified trainer; 2) a 3 hour debriefing session following each classroom visit lead by an ICP certified trainer; and 3) assessment of reliability proficiency according to the ICP official reliability proficiency criteria.

Certification Levels: There are two levels of certification.

Level 1:  Participation in Overview Session only.  Individuals attending only the Overview session will receive a Certificate of Attendance for the Overview Training.   Participants who receive this certification may use the measure in their classrooms for informal observations; however, ICP Reliability Training is strongly recommended for those intending to conduct a complete ICP assessment. Those holding Level 1 Certification can achieve the Reliability Certification (Level 2) by registering with an ICP trainer for four additional days of practice observations and feedback. Participation in the Overview Session is required for all individuals who wish to gain ICP Reliability Certification.

Level 2:  ICP Reliability Training.  The 4-day reliability training and meeting the reliability criteria leads to a Certification of ICP Reliability, which is official recognition by the ICP author that the individual is a qualified, reliable and proficient user of the ICP.  Individuals who obtain Level 2 Certification may also offer support other members of their own team who have received Level 1 certification (attendance of Overview Session only). This can be accomplished by assessing inter rater reliability among their team to help others meet the recommended reliability proficiency criteria.  Individuals who have not established ICP Reliability with a qualified ICP trainer will not receive Level 2 certification.

Online  Module:

An online module is available to support participants interested in learning and using the ICP.   The module presents a brief synopsis of the ICP purpose, items and uses.  This module is publicly accessible and is required for anyone who wishes to register for any of level of the ICP training.

Presented by: Tracey West and the certified ICP Training Team

Target audience: Preschool coordinators, administrators, professional development (PD) providers, coaches, data assessors, and researchers

Number of Participants: Overview (only) session: 30 maximum
                                               Proficiency Training:  9 maximum

Dates: April 24-28, 2017

 Time: Day 1 Overview: 1:00 PM - 4:30 PM
           Days 2–5 Proficiency Training: 8 AM – 4 PM

Registration is now open -- links below -- but please read the following before registering.  

Cost: For 2016-2017, the fee for the full training is $2,400 and for the half-day overview is $150.  Visa or Mastercard accepted.  If you are paying by credit card, please have your credit card number and its billing address handy to avoid a timeout in the registration system.  If you must pay by check, please know that, while possible, it is difficult and time-consuming to process a refund if that should become necessary (e.g., sickness or cancellation).  So we request that if possible you have an alternate identified to take your place should you not be able to make the event.

Location: In Carrboro NC (next to Chapel Hill) at the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute, Sheryl-Mar South building, 2nd floor conference room. 
521 S. Greensboro St., Carrboro, NC 27510 (map

Note: The workshop can be provided in other locations based on negotiations with the ICP training team. If you have questions about the training or are interested in arranging a training at a location outside of Chapel Hill, NC, please contact Tracey West: (919) 843-5418 or

Cancelation policy for the half-day overview: Participants who cancel their registrations will receive a refund of the registration fee minus a $30 administrative charge.  To cancel, please send an email to PDC

Cancellation policy for the five-day training: Participants who cancel their registration prior to five days before the first day of the workshop will receive a refund of the registration fee minus a $115 administrative charge. Participants who cancel within five business days of the first day of the workshop will receive a refund of 50% of the registration fee. To cancel, please send an email to PDC.

UNC reserves the right to cancel any training program that is undersold.  If an event is canceled, a full refund will be granted.  Participants traveling to North Carolina by air are urged to confirm that the training will be held prior to purchasing non-refundable airline tickets. 

Registration is open now:

To register, click on appropriate date.  Have credit card information on hand before proceeding if payment is by credit card.

Half-day ICP Overview April 24, 2017

ICP Reliability Training Program April 24-28, 2017

Register before April 17, 2017.


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