Improving Inclusive Practices & Outcomes for Preschoolers (IPOP)

Developed by the Virginia Department of Education’s (VDOE) Training and Technical Assistance Centers (T/TACs), IPOP is a systems change approach to support school divisions in the development, expansion, and/or improvement of inclusive placement opportunities for preschoolers with Individual Education Programs (IEPs). IPOP is designed to help local school divisions meet federal and state mandates requiring young children with disabilities to be educated in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE).

Regional TTACs are available to assist school divisions and program leaders in building effective systems to improve access and participation for all children within high-quality inclusive learning environments. The Improving Inclusive Practices & Outcomes for Preschoolers (IPOP) Flyer for Technical Assistance provides information on this Technical Assistance opportunity.

Areas of support may include:

  • Analyzing data to identify needs and develop a cohesive plan for program improvement.
  • Developing a program-wide professional learning plan to promote collaboration and inclusive practices.
  • Adapting or modifying evidence-based curricula for children with disabilities in self-contained and inclusive settings.
  • Aligning teams and meeting structures to unify preschool programs and expectations across departments.
  • Improving equitable enrollment across programs, including requirements to include children with disabilities in VPI and Head Start.
  • Facilitating efforts to increase and improve inclusive family engagement opportunities.
  • Implementing data systems and processes to monitor program components and student progress.
  • Supporting implementation of new service delivery models (e.g., itinerant).
  • Developing partnerships across programs and with community settings to expand inclusive placement opportunities.
  • Building program capacity to provide instructional coaching support to improve implementation of inclusive practices.

Improving Inclusive Practices & Outcomes for Preschoolers Intensive Assistance Grant (IPOP ITA)

Improving Inclusive Practices & Outcomes for Preschoolers Intensive Assistance Grant (IPOP ITA) is provided by VDOE’s Training and Technical Assistance Centers (T/TACs). Accepted applicants will receive technical assistance support for three years while developing and improving inclusive practices in early childhood. The ITA will address system and program related factors that impact the LRE and appropriate service provision. Primary reasons for applying and receiving the ITA would be for either (1) increasing access through developing or expanding models of inclusion for children with IEPs OR (2) increasing the quality of inclusive practices that support the needs of children with IEPs in inclusive classrooms. If interested in pursuing TA through IPOP, you may contact your regional ECSE TTAC or Dawn Hendricks at

For more information on the IPOP model, review the IPOP (Improving Inclusive Practices & Outcomes for Preschoolers) Manual. The manual was developed to support school divisions’ preschool programs in implementing inclusive practices across the Commonwealth. The manual includes a planning guide of 8 modules and accompanying resources, which provide critical information for understanding, building, supporting, and sustaining inclusive placement opportunities for young children with disabilities in early childhood programs.