Training is offered to provide professional development to LEADS registered participants.
  • Webshops & eWorkshops - Trainings created specifically for Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) Administrators focused on Indicators 6, 7, and 12, as well as other pertinent information. Webshops and eWorkshops are created through the LEADS initiative and require users to log in after creating a free account if you don’t already have one. Certificates of completion are provided for this section of training through the LEADS website.
  • Indicator 6 - Trainings specific to Indicator 6 least restrictive environment (LRE) in preschool settings.
  • Indicator 7 - Training specific to Indicator 7 preschool outcomes of improved performance in positive social emotional skills; acquisition and use of knowledge and skills; and use of appropriate behaviors to meet needs.
  • Indicator 12 - Training specific to Indicator 12 transitioning for Part C to Part B services.
  • Assessment - Training on assessment to support collection preschool outcomes data.
  • Child Development - Training on strategies to support development of young children, may include training on development of language, literacy, cognition, physical, social-emotional, and self-help skills.
  • Curriculum & Instruction - Training focused on specific curriculum or instructional strategies used in preschool environments.
  • Family Involvement - Training that supports family engagement and/or relationships with families.
  • Inclusion - Training focused on inclusive practices that support concepts of least restrictive environment.
  • Transition - Training focused on transitioning from Part C (early intervention) to Part B (early childhood special education) services.