Webinar: Collective Leadership in ECE Organizations: Unlocking Your Team's Natural Gifts


Learn how you and your team can apply collective leadership to find solutions and reach your shared goals. What if the solutions to the biggest challenges facing you were living inside the hearts and minds of others. What if you had a magic wand and could unlock these secrets?

Collective leadership is about changing the way we think about leadership from something you do alone to or for others, to something that you do with others. The benefits of adopting collective leadership include: better decisions, increased self-direction and motivation, shared responsibility, increased engagement and investment, and sustainability.

Foundational to adopting collective leadership is building trust, navigating power and privilege, and addressing inequities in relationships throughout the ECE system. This session will cover the essential ingredients for collective leadership for early childhood practitioners, the relationship between individual and collective leadership, and how to get the benefits of collective leadership. The session will cover a framework for collective leadership for early childhood practitioners that includes 5 elements and 11 practices.

Participants will: identify ways they are already developing collective leadership; learn about the neuroscience which supports conversations that build trust; and explore strategies for shared decision making, and rotating/sharing roles.

In this session:

• Reflect on the five elements of collective leadership for early childhood professionals;
• explore practices to build trust and collective leadership within your team and organization; and
• leave with new tools and ideas to apply immediately.


1/10/2018 2:00 PM - 1/10/2018 3:30 PM


Collaboration Early Childhood Early Intervention Preschool Professional Development Professional Resources