CID Course #2: Linking Language and Literacy: Strategies for Developing Reading and Writing Skills in Children Who Are Deaf and Hard of Hearing (Registration for this course ends at 3:00 pm, Nov. 6, 2018.)


Language is the foundation for developing literacy skills. Topics include:

  • factors that predict reading success
  • practical auditory training suggestions to improve phonological awareness and speech comprehension
  • strategies for incorporating vocabulary, figurative language, words with multiple meanings to improve reading skills
  • writing and comprehension as language-based skills
  • recommended practices to successfully support a child’s development of literacy skills

This course includes many resources, templates, and tools that you can put to use immediately! (Approximately 30 minutes plus evaluation and questionnaire, etc) 

Target Audience: Educators (especially teachers of the deaf/hard of hearing, speech-language pathologists, and instructional assistants) who work with children who are deaf or hard of hearing, ages 2 – 12, with a goal of developing listening and spoken language skills.

At the end of registration period, you will receive a voucher (coupon) code, and can then take the course at your convenience from any location, within the time period allotted (see below).

Registration Dates: 10/30/18-11/6/18

Dates when course is available: 11/8/18-12/12/18

NOTE: Many of you completed coursework from CID through VSDB Outreach last school year that used the CID SPICE KIT as a tool for evaluation and remediation. A SPICE Kit purchased by Outreach Services has been placed in each of the following TTAC Lending Libraries for Virginia educators to borrow, free of charge. Contact information for each of these TTAC Lending Libraries follows:

George Mason University -

James Madison University -

Virginia Commonwealth University -

Old Dominion University -

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University  -

VSDB Outreach Services are available through grant funding from the Virginia Department of Education.


11/8/2018 - 12/12/2018


Dr. Debbie Pfeiffer
(540) 414-5249


Communication/Language Curriculum/Instructional Methods Elementary Hearing Impairment Literacy Paraprofessional Preschool