Project HOPE - Virginia: Education for Homeless Children and Youth


Project HOPE - Virginia ensures the enrollment, attendance, and the school success of children and youth experiencing homelessness through public awareness efforts across the commonwealth and subgrants to local school divisions. School divisions develop customized programs to meet the needs of homeless children and youth in their area. Project HOPE - Virginia funds activities throughout the school year, including early childhood education, mentoring, tutoring, parent education, summer enrichment programs, and domestic violence prevention programs. In addition, emergency services, referrals for health services, transportation, school supplies, and costs related to obtaining school records may be provided through the local Homeless Education Program.

Project HOPE-VA offers Parent Pack folders created for parents and families with young children experiencing homelessness. The Parent Pack folders help families maintain important documents for their child such as birth certificates, immunization records, school and preschool records, and address verification documents. Each Parent Pack folder contains several informational resources for children and families experiencing homelessness and are available in both English and Spanish. The resources include a flyer for the CDC’s Developmental Milestone Tracker app, a bookmark with a tip for reading to your child, an informational brochure with rights and resources for families and children experiencing homelessness, and the “Virginia’s Early Intervention and Public Preschool Programs” pamphlet. This pamphlet has been updated to reflect the move of more programs for young children to the Office of Early Childhood at the Virginia Department of Education. A children’s book accompanies each Parent Pack with the option to select English or Spanish and books for infants and toddlers or preschoolers. Any program serving young children in Virginia can order these Parent Packs, free of charge, by completing the Project HOPE-VA order form. For more information about students experiencing homelessness visit Project HOPE-VA or email



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