Professional Development and Training Project in Deaf-Blindness


The Virginia Project for Children and Young Adults with DeafBlindness (VDBP) will host a special session of modules to help teams of at least one classroom teacher and one paraprofessional or teacher's aide to complete 20 hours of training using modules 1-3. Teachers of the deaf and hard of hearing, teachers of students with visual impairments, related service providers, etc. are also encouraged to apply. The “host” will be available to answer questions, support understanding of content and technology, and enrich learning with more information if desired. The modules can be completed at the time most convenient for participants and at their own pace within the overall time frame. Team coaching meetings via distance technology or face to face will further enhance learning and provide opportunities for group brainstorming. After completing all activities in the modules, participants will receive a certificate of completion (from VDBP) for 20 hours of training.

 To Apply: