VDOE Webpage: Transition from Part C (Early Intervention) to Part B (Early Childhood Special Education) (Indicator 12)


From the Virginia Department of Education, this webpage is dedicated to the transition from Early Intervention (Part C) to Early Childhood Special Education (Part B):

Smooth transitions from Early Intervention to Early Childhood Special Education are important. Families, children, sending and receiving programs all need to share information and support each other. Transition activities need to be timely to assure access to appropriate services for the child. The transition should also be smooth and seamless between programs, people and services. In the case of a child who previously received Early Intervention, the local educational agency is required, at the parent’s(s’) request, to invite the Early Intervention service coordinator or other representatives of the Early Intervention system to the initial Individualized  Education Program (IEP) meeting to assist with the smooth transition of services.


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