Indicator 7 Webinar-The Child Outcome Summary Process: Procedures Specific to Virginia


The Child Outcomes Summary Process: Procedures Specific to Virginia webinar provides guidance from the Virginia Department of Education to school divisions to complete the Child Outcomes Summary (COS) process, a team process for summarizing information related to a child’s progress on each of the three child outcome areas for Indicator 7 (i.e. the percentage of preschool children with Individualized Education Programs who demonstrate improved a) positive social-emotional skills, b) acquisition and use of knowledge and skills, and c) use of appropriate behavior to meet needs.

This webinar is not a comprehensive training on the Child Outcome Summary, or COS, process. This presentation was developed as a companion to the online module, “Child Outcome Summary Process.” For information about Indicator 7, Early Childhood Outcomes, view the module and each session.  For more information on the COS process, view Session Two of the Module, “Overview of the Child Outcome Summary Process.”  The module provides a number of sessions designed to take the learner through the entire COS process.