Reviewing Curricula That Promote High-Quality Learning (AEII)


When an evidence-based, integrated, and comprehensive curriculum is implemented effectively, it is an essential tool for promoting child learning and development. A high-quality curriculum makes it easier and more efficient for teachers to engage in sensitive, responsive, and cognitively stimulating instructional interactions.

As part of the Advancing Effective Interactions & Instruction (AEII) initiative, the Virginia Department of Education has collaborated with the Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning at UVA to develop a process for vetting curricula that meet the criteria for providing a high-quality learning experience. Criteria include components such as whether or not there is evidence that the curriculum is grounded in sound, child development principles, whether or not it includes an organized scope and sequence, the presence of guidelines for differentiating instruction for children with unique needs, and offerings for continued curriculum-specific professional development.