Fidelity of the COS Process (Self-Assessment document, Guidance for Reviewing Summary Forms, & Team Collaboration Toolkit)


These resources are designed to help division level personnel increase the fidelity of the COS process.

Child Outcome Summary Process Self-Assessment  - This tool is a self-assessment intended to be used by division personnel involved in the OSEP Child Outcomes Summary process. It can be used by individuals or as part of a peer review process to reflect upon the extent to which the process used by the program meets the quality expectations of the state.  

Guidance for Reviewing Completed Child Outcomes Summary Forms for Quality Assurance from ECTA Center  This link provides guidance on how to check the completeness and accuracy of a COS form. The guidance includes checks to see whether users understand the three outcomes and the 7-point rating scale, how to document the rating, and whether the documentation supports the rating.

Child Outcomes Summary Team Collaboration Toolkit is designed to assist states and programs in improving the COS team collaboration. Built around a checklist of quality practices, the COS-TC is a toolkit that provides a mechanism for those who implement, supervise, or train on the COS process to identify, observe, and assess recommended team collaboration practices in COS implementation. It underscores ways to actively  engage families as critical members in the COS process; however, much of the content is applicable for all COS teams, regardless of their composition.