Indicator 7 Instructions


Indicator 7: Child Outcomes is an accountability measure focused on the improved performance of preschool children with disabilities. OSEP requires states to measure and report on the percentage of preschoolers with IEPs who, between the time they enter and exit early childhood special education services, demonstrate improved: 

  • positive social-emotional skills,
  • acquisition and use of knowledge and skills, and
  • use of appropriate behaviors to meet their needs.

To accurately and systematically collect Indicator 7 data, the VDOE recommends the use of the Child Outcomes Summary (COS) process.

In addition to the instructions, this resource, Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center (ECTA) Child Outcomes Summary Process: When Teams Can't Meet in Person, from ECTA is intended to assist teams conducting Child Outcomes Summary rating determinations in meetings using telecommunication devices such as phones and/or computers with or without video to have discussions with team members in different locations through teleconferencing.