Plan to Ensure High-Quality Instruction in All Virginia Preschool Initiative Classrooms (Virginia Department of Education)


In response to the 2018 General Assembly, the VDOE created this plan to help ensure that the VPI, which serves nearly 18,000 at-risk children across 1,300 classrooms, provides a high-quality preschool experience that helps prepare each 4-year-old served for kindergarten. The plan aggregates lessons learned from the JLARC study, Virginia Preschool Initiative Plus implementation, and University of Virginia – Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning (CASTL). As requested by the General Assembly, the plan covers the areas of Curriculum, Teacher-Child Interactions, and Professional Development. This plan includes additional requests for funding from the 2019 General Assembly for full implementation. (November 1, 2018)


Curriculum/Instructional Methods Early Childhood Preschool