Evidence-Based Practices (3 Part Series, IRIS Modules)


Evidence-Based Practices, a three part series, from IRIS Center:

Evidence-Based Practices (Part 1): Identifying and Selecting a Practice or Program discusses the importance of identifying and selecting evidence-based practices (est. completion time: 1.5 hours).

Evidence-Based Practices (Part 2): Implementing a Practice or Program with Fidelity discusses implementing an evidence-based practice or program with fidelity (est. completion time: 1 hour).

Evidence-Based Practices (Part 3): Evaluating Learner Outcomes and Fidelity examines how to evaluate whether an evidence-based practice is effective for the young children or students with whom you are working (est. completion time: 2 hours). If you have not done so already, consider completing parts one and two before beginning this resource: