Indicator 7 Overview: Self Directed Learning, & Why Collect Outcomes Data?


IDEA requires states to report state-level and division-level indicator data on the performance of students with disabilities. Indicator 7: Preschool Outcomes focuses on the improved performance of preschool children with disabilities.  Specifically, states are required to report the percent of children with IEPs who demonstrate improved a) positive social-emotional skills (including social relationships); b) acquisition and use of knowledge and skills (including early language/ communication and early literacy); and c) use of appropriate behaviors to meet needs. For more information on Indicator 7, please review the Indicator 7 Overview Document (Indicator 7 Overview Document, Word version)

Why Collect Outcomes Data? This video provides background information for those new to outcomes measurement. The session provides an understanding of the historical roots of federal accountability, the current requirements, and the various purposes and uses of outcomes measurement. (6 min.)

Outcome Measurement - Self Directed LearningThis page provides mini training sessions on a variety of child and family outcomes related topics. Each session is a short, stand-alone piece suitable for self-paced online learning. The videos for "why collect outcome data" and "integrating the outcomes into the IFSP and IEP" can also be found on this page.