Indicator 7: Child Outcomes Summary Process Technical Assistance Document and Support Documents


The Indicator 7 Technical Assistance Document was developed in 2019 to assist school divisions to implement the COS process with fidelity.  Support documents include the COS Summary Form, COS Decision Tree, COS Summary Rating Guide, and COS Process Discussion Prompts. 

  • Child Outcomes Summary Form - The COS form can be used to document child ratings. This newly revised form reflects all data required in the SSWS submission.

Child Outcomes Summary Form Accessible

  • Child Outcomes Summary Decision Tree - The COS Decision Tree provides guidance to teams completing child ratings by directing the team through questions about the child's abilities. 

Child Outcomes Summary Decision Tree Accessible

  •  Child Outcomes Summary Rating Guide - The COS Rating Guide can supplement or supplant the Decision Tree.  The COS Rating Guide provides additional information about Age Expected, Immediate Foundational, and Foundational skills that may help teams make more informed and accurate ratings. 

Child Outcomes Summary Rating Guide Accessible

It is recommended to use all of the documents when completing the COS process. It may be beneficial for the COS Decision Tree, COS Outcomes Summary Rating Guide, and the COS Process Discussion Prompts to be printed and provided to any team completing a rating for a child. Please also be sure to consider other Indicator 7 resources on the VDOE Website ( and the LEADS Website (